Surely there is no place on earth as holy as Jerusalem. Site of Abraham's sacrifice, King David's triumph, Jesus' death and Mohammed's ascension to heaven; the emotional impact is stunning. The Dome of the Rock, the Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher are among the countless reminders that Jerusalem has been conquered and reconquered in the name of God for over three millennia. See Bethlehem, the Dead Sea or Masada, where 967 Jews committed suicide rather than submit to Rome.




  • 2018: Holy Land Discovery with Jordan - Faith-Based Travel (5325)

    From $1,999.00 (USD)

    The roots of your faith will come to life on this extraordinary journey through the Holy Land. Follow in the footsteps of Jesus as you learn more about his life and ministry.

  • GLOBUS 2018/2019: Israel Escape (KQC)

    From $1,099.00 (USD)

    Begin your Israel Escape in Tel Aviv and enjoy a welcome dinner together with your Tour Director and traveling companions. In Jaffa walk around the beautifully restored port-starting point for medieval pilgrimages to Jerusalem.

  • Classic: Best of Egypt, Jordan and Israel (DPCT)

    From $3,999.00 (USD)

    Countries Visited: Egypt, Israel, JordanTrip Style: Classic - Designed for maximum variety, these trips are geared towards travellers searching for a healthy mix of active exploration, uncommon landscapes, amazing wildlife and local cultures.

  • 2018: Biblical Israel - Faith-Based Travel (5340)

    From $1,369.00 (USD)

    Building fellowship and community among fellow travelers is just one of the ways to connect spiritually on this biblical tour of Israel.

  • GLOBUS 2018: Fascinating Israel with Jordan (QCE)

    From $3,579.00 (USD)

    Israel and Jordan are treasure troves of historical and biblical sights, and on this Israel and Jordan tour, you'll visit their most famous and interesting sights.

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